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Making of the Water Polo T-Shirt Collection

by Andrea Kropp on March 24, 2020

POLOLIFE logoThis first collection of 8 water polo t-shirts was a long time in the making. It's been forming in my mind for several years and in February 2020 it took physical form for the first time when boxes upon boxes of t-shirts started arriving. There was so much to learn, but the first month has been incredibly fun and eye-opening. Fortunately we had made the decision to launch the business from our home garage, so the stay-home order related to Covid-19 hasn't affected our ability to keep designing, shipping and learning, although it has definitely affected how we introduce these awesome water polo t-shirts to the world and our messaging. 

Here is a quick tour of our first month. Stay safe everyone. Normal life will return.


Celebration of Stamps - Water Polo Stamps Tshirt DesignWith every collection we hope to include a few basic designs that can serve as wardrobe staples and a few highly distinctive apparel items. For the launch collection, the Celebration of Stamps is our centerpiece design. This work of historical art made from international water polo stamps looks great on a t-shirt for an upscale casual night out. It will also be available as an art print in future months. 



POLOLIFE clothes requiredI decided to focus on the US and to see if I could build a following on Instagram and Facebook. It's been a slow process, but I can tell I'm getting traction because lots of people are liking the photos and more people are starting to follow and comment. The two most popular posts from the social campaigns are the 'Clothes Required' picture shown here and my personal photo and story which you can check out here.



inventory closetT-shirts take up a lot of space! The day in February that the truck pulled up to drop off the main order I was a little worried about where we would store all of it. The storage aspect is actually the main reason we launched with only water polo t-shirts and no water polo hoodies. (Hoodies take a lot more space! I promise they will be coming soon.) For now, the t-shirts have found a good home in an old cabinet that we got from a school surplus sale. It's pink and on casters. Love my pick cabinet!



water polo tshirt photo shootI've enjoyed taking pictures all my life, but I'm new to product photography and fussing over every shadow and wrinkle. It's trickier than it looks to get good pictures of flat or hanging clothes. With the virus outbreak its been pretty much impossible to get models for pictures. I would be so appreciative if you'd send in a photo of yourself wearing any of our items. It would really help show the shape of the t-shirts on a water polo body.



polo bear water polo tshirt with decalI wanted to create a special 'unboxing' moment for all customers. Your t-shirts will arrive carefully folded, wrapped in tissue paper and accompanied by a water polo decal sticker that you can use on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Whether your order is a gift to yourself, or a gift for the water polo lover in your life, we want to make the moment special.




What's Next

For April we are focusing on a small number of new designs and getting started with adult hoodies and infant onesies for selected designs. Please let us know by email or any of our social channels what sorts of water polo apparel you are looking for and can't find!

All the best,