Water polo players go through lots of towels! Whether you are an age group player, a master's player or a member of Team USA a favorite towel is a must-have accessory. Upgrade your beach and pool towels to show your love of the sport. Choose from bright, whimsical, minimalist and thematic designs. All our towels make great gift ideas for male or female water polo players of any age.

    Water Polo Towels


    POLOLIFE Towels with Water Polo Designs

    What material are your towels made from?

    The beach towels are made from 52% cotton and 48% polyester and have two distinct sides - the printed side and the non-printed side. The non-printed side of the towel is terry cloth which is highly water absorbent. The infant towels are also a terrycloth cotton/poly blend at exactly 50/50.

    How big are the pool towels compared to a bath towel?

    All our towels are 2.5" x 5" (30 in x 60 inches). This puts them right in between the size of a standard bath towel (28" x 56") and an oversized bath sheet (32" x 70") and makes them ideal for kids and adults. Youth players can wrap the towel over their shoulders, get lots of coverage of their legs, but avoid dragging it on the wet ground. Adults can fully wrap their upper body or wrap wet hair into a turban. Of course, all ages can sit on it like a beach blanket!

    Can you make custom water polo towels for school and club teams?

    Yes, although we don't actively advertise our customization services. We can work with your design or offer design assistance to produce custom towels. Please inquire by email.

    POLOLIFE Beach Towels Hanging

    Do you have Team USA official towels?

    No. The towels issued to our national team recognize their extraordinary achievements for making such an exclusive team. We do do offer USA-themed merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and towels which different from the officially licensed versions, but still allow you to show your support for Team USA.

    Can I machine wash my towel? Will it bleed color?

    Yes, you can machine wash your towel with standard detergents that do not contain bleach and then toss it in a standard home dryer. Although our process minimizing the chance of bleeding, it can occur in rare instances. Therefore washing your red or multi-colored towels with your whites is not recommended.